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Bid your OWN price!
A lot of sales and retail deals come down to a few things:  
excess inventory, capacity, resources, and timing.

With too much product, and/or other timing factors (new shipments coming in, seasonal changes, etc.) companies are forced to sell their product below the usual price.  

It can be the same with your heating oil or commercial fuel!

Depending on where we are with our trucks, and how much inventory we have, we may want to (or have to) sell you oil or fuel at a cheaper price!

Bid your price per gallon and how many gallons you want 

Give it a try.  If the offer is too low, or the timing not quite right, your offer 
may not be accepted.  However, if it works out, you’ll have your oil or fuel at the exact price per gallon that you ask for!

It works for you because it gives you a chance to get your oil or fuel cheaper. 

It works for us because it helps us to keep resources more efficient. 
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