51 years later, Mrs. Lucille Midyette has oil delivered by the fourth generation of Pollards
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An actual ticket signed by Mrs. Lucille Midyette on June 12, 1958.  Her total for 475 gallons on this date was $63.18. Click to enlarge
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From left, Mrs. Lucille Midyette, Jim Pollard (2nd generation), brothers Jay and Paul Pollard (3rd generation), and Madison Pollard (4th generation).  Click to enlarge.
Lucille Midyette has been buying her heating oil from J. M. Pollard & Sons for over 50 years.  When Madison, (James M. Pollard IV) delivered to her on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009, the event made her the first customer to have her oil delivered by the 4 generations of J. M. Pollard & Sons.  The above left photo is the 3 surviving generations, with Mrs. Midyette, and to the above right, is an oil ticket she found buried in a box.  The ticket is a receipt from a delivery in 1958, when James M. Pollard Sr. was president of the company.